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Ready to Use – Simulation Games

Ready to Use – simulation games help your employees test new skills and knowledge. Real-life situations from professional life are practiced in a fun and safe environment without jeopardizing real business. Mistakes can and should be made in order to achieve greater learning success. Each simulation can be used immediately as is or adapted to your individual needs with a tailor-made solution.

(!) Heureka – The living company

The new core competence in companies: entrepreneurial thinking and action.  Turn your teams into co-entrepreneurs.

Leadership Lift Off

With more than 20,000 participants, it is the most successful leadership simulation game in Europe. For current and future managers, key persons, (agile) teams in the company.

Fort Fantastic

Manage an amusement park and experience the rollercoaster of decisions, processes and collaboration in companies from new perspectives. A dynamic Simulation adaptable to your need and participants.

Interpersonal Skills - LAB

They are on a secret mission in space. A great teambuilding-experience. Available as a haptic or as an online-simulation

Amundsen and Scott

A TEAM event of a special kind. The story of the South Pole conquest is a lesson in self-knowledge, planning, leadership and group dynamics!


A creative workshop format that shows new ways and stimulates dialogue. For team building, reflection, strategy, Innovation and much more. . .

Das Team kocht: Zubereitung eines Hauptgangs


The perfect change from everyday office life. Perfect as a company event or as a supplement to your conference/training course.

The best NAVI in the world

After this workshop see your colleagues probably never the same again! Incl. approx. 23 pages of expertise for each participant.


6 years of research, 150 experts, hundreds of companies, tens of thousands of questionnaires. This workshop is based on one of the largest leadership studies of all time.

Conflicts – mastering difficult conversations

Nobody likes conflicts, but unfortunately they are unavoidable in everyday life. How you deal with them is crucial. Provide your team with the latest know-how.


CHANGE - Das Spiel von Menschen und Veränderung

Understanding the psychology of change. In this simulation game, we don't talk about change, we experience change. Experience the difference.

Alfi's Company

“Alfi’s Company” is an exciting business simulation game in which the participants take over an existing business and have to assess the state of the business and what strategies could lead to sucess. Available as a haptic and as an online-simulation.

Healthy leadership

You develop the know-how among your managers and teams to not only detect and reduce the dangers of psychological overload in the company

führen in d praxis

Führung in der PRAXIS

Take on the role of management, HR manager or team leader and lead your (simulation game) company to success as a team.

Customized solutions

The possibilities for individual customization range from the integration of your company logo and corporate design, to the development of individual scenarios for existing simulation games, to completely new developments for our customers.

Find the right ready-to-use simulation games for the needs of your company or team.

We are happy to help!