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Exceptional business games for companies


2/3 of all DAX-listed companies and more than 300 universities

use business games and learning programs from our range!


Why business games ?

Would you like to fly in an airplane whose pilot has only learned theory?

The situation is similar with training courses and workshops. Our world is changing and learning methods are changing with it. With our comprehensive range of different business game concepts, we enable efficient learning with an "aha effect". Our business games help companies to understand interrelationships and thus ensure greater corporate success.

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Gamebased Learning

What we have learned in over 30 years of working for companies all over the world: The best way to impart knowledge in such a way that it is permanently remembered is for learners themselves to take as much responsibility as possible for their own learning and actions. They should have the opportunity to think, discover and try things out for themselves. They should be able to make mistakes and learn directly from them. Our business games and business simulations make this possible to a large extent.

Business games are used here


Business games are a great way to liven up any kind of event. The focus here is on entertainment.

Give your employees the chance to try out new approaches in a safe environment. 

A business simulation is a chance to see how a candidate fits in with the team and the task.

Our most successful business simulation

[!] Heureka - unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln spielerisch lernen


A project-oriented service company is presented on a simulation board. By visualizing the value creation process of a company, the rather dry subject matter of business administration is developed in an exciting way by the participants. 

Our business games have received numerous awards

What makes us special?

We at Planspielzentrum.eu are convinced that the key to effective change in organizations and society lies with people. To move people, we strive to touch their hearts, engage their minds and provide the right skills, abilities and thinking tools to achieve the desired personal and organizational goals.

We believe that companies will achieve above-average success in the future if alle think and act entrepreneurially as part of a team: Trainees, teams, managers. We are committed to this every day and provide our customers with some of the most successful business games and business simulations as a clever learning method.

We design motivating and memorable learning experiences that convey key messages, build skills and mobilize people to act in line with the corporate strategy. When people feel good and have fun, they learn better and more intensively, often without even realizing it. This is also what science tells us.



Leadership Lift-Off © (Nr.1 in Europa)

An intensive and motivating team event for current and future managers, as well as your key employees in the company.

Award winner

Fort Fantastic© - Teamsimulation

Manage an amusement park and experience the rollercoaster of decisions, processes and collaboration from new perspectives.

For trainees

Heureka – BusinessStarter©

In the business game [ ! ] HEUREKA-BUSINESS-STARTER you get
The AZUBIS gain an overview of the operational success factors of a company.

What science says

"A relevant advantage is The so-called hand-brain connection is often cited as a reason for this: When people work with their hands, a particularly large number of brain regions are active. This can lead to surprising and often more profound insights as a result of a workshop. The flow effect is also repeatedly emphasized."

Our customers

"The participants learned what is relevant and important for a company to operate successfully in the long term. Step by step, they recognize the interrelationships within the company and the "levers" for successful action."

Michaela König

Personnel development, Hochenburger GmbH

"... I experienced exactly what I encounter in my everyday life and we were able to try out how to do it properly without any accidents. And that's exactly what we're taking away with us. It was not only fun, but we were also able to anchor it through the collaboration (in the simulation game)..."

Marc Weissel

"The business simulation game "[!] Heureka" is particularly suitable for training basic business management knowledge and networked overall entrepreneurial thinking and action.
Thanks to the game character, our employees also enjoy the fact that a rather dry topic is conveyed in a practical and entertaining way."

Philipp Dolleschal

Personnel developer, REWE Austria